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Important infomration

How to redeem

The gift card is not redeemable online. To use the gift card, please contact me directly at:

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Booking braids step 1

Send the gift card via e-mail

When purchasing a gift card, you can choose to send the gift card to yourself or another recipient.

If you are sending it to someone else but don't want them to know yet, send it to yourself and forward the email when the time is right.

Booking braids step 2

Choose the braid style you want

When redeeming the card, have a look at my appointment options on the website. If you find something there - great, just let me know what you chose.

If not, get in touch with me and let me know what braid style you want. If you could send an image for reference, I would appreciate it.

Booking braids step 3

Contact me to schedule an appointment

To redeem the gift card please contact me directly at ksenia@braidsandwaves.hair or +61 452 177 154.